Ivy Cardigan

Baby - Girl

IDR 168,000.00


Why should you choose Little Bubba ?

Materials :
50% Bamboo Viscose
50% Organic Cotton
Premium Materials
High Quality

Why Little Bubba?
1. Luxuriously Soft
Feeling soft and luxurious at the same time. Keeping your baby fresh and comfy all day long.

2. Hypoallergenic
Good for sensitive skin. Bamboo allows your skin to remain irritation free. Reduce appearance of eczema and other baby skin problems.

3. Breathable & Thermo-Control
Highly Breathable and moisture wicking. Make your loved one feel cool in the hot weather.

4. Antibacterial
Clothes with bamboo materials have antibacterial advantage and can keep clothes more durable and not easily damage.

All our dyestuffs are OEKO-TEX and blue sign certified which is safe for baby and kids

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